About Us

About Us

Founded in April 2007, has been operating in Turkey and Europe, it is a short-term alternative accommodation platforms. Daily, weekly and monthly rentals, furnished apartments, houses, holiday villas and apartments are safely bring their customers.

An unsecured, short-term rental and you want to give your home that you use, your villa, apartment Do you? The structure of the publication and free sayfamizda and create ads for the property you intend to rent. Domestic and from abroad the opportunity to easily reach potential tenants and achieve higher earnings.

Villa holidays, holiday homes, villa rentals or holiday type can be described as a summer rental, which is carried out for many years in Europe holiday shape. This alternative form of holiday, as your daily lease (usually it is possible to at least 1 week rental) means you have a holiday home rental. Villa also means tatin original holiday. As the hotel means you can truly relax without being exposed to any restrictions. Rental cottages, villas holiday accordance with veil.

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